On the Road With…is a show dedicated to revealing the realities of life on the road. Created and hosted by musician, singer, entertainer and songwriter Gareth John, the show features conversations with experienced, reputable, successful touring professionals from the performing arts and entertainment industry. They discuss how they got into touring in the first place, the situations they’ve found themselves in and how its impacted on their career, the people they’ve worked with, the mental health implications of touring and much more.

In this episode, Aynsley and Gareth discuss, among other things, how the loyal and growing fanbase have kept him going all these years, how you grow as an artist and change with each new album release, his beginnings as a young blues-rock singer-songwriter, the double threat of Covid-19 and Brexit for touring performers, the enjoyment he’s gained recently from working as a writer and session musician outside of his own music, and much more.

The songs chosen for this episode are ‘Straight Talkin’ Woman’, and ‘Broke’, both from Aynsley’s 2013 release ‘Home’, as well as Ffion Rebecca’s ‘Love Again’ in which Aynsley accompanied her on guitar, released through the HQ Familia label earlier this year.

As always, you can stream all of the commercially available music from the show via the ‘On The Road With Featured Songs’ playlist on Spotify.

September 2020

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