Guitar Techniques (August 2010) – Tower Sessions

UK guitar man Aynsley Lister’s recent crossover into blues-meets-well-written-rock-song territory has been well received by press and public alike. He began a 45 date tour of Europe towards the end of last year and reports indicate that at the finishing line the man and his band had gone way past top gear and entered the turbo zone in terms of performance level.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing it, then compensation of a sort comes in the form of this new live CD which was recorded during the final stages at Winchester’s Tower in January 2010. Opting for a live ‘greatest hits’ package, Aynsley and his band blast through a set of audience favourites including a stunning rendering of Prince’s anthemic Purple Rain The decision to add keyboard player Dan healey proves to be an excellent one as the overall sound of the band has never been better. We particularly enjoyed the cover of Hendrix’s Crosstown traffic, complete with ripping Strat solo – nice!

Maverick (August 2010) – Tower Sessions

This album captures the tightness and feeling of the band’s live sound.

Recorded at The Tower, Winchester in January 2010 after a 45 date European tour, this is a great album by ace blues-rock guitarist Aynsley Lister and his fine band consisting of Midus on bass guitar, Simon Small on drums and new guy Dan Healey on keyboards.

Although it is a live set it was actually recorded without an audience, but that ’end of tour’ feel is evident and the band are very tight musically. All band memenrs are exscellent on the instrumental Quiet Boy! and there are some storming guitar solos on Hurricane. Aswell as being a brilliant guitarist Aynsley is also a fine singer and songwriter, writing all but two of the songs, the two covers being Jimi Hendrix’s Crosstown Traffic and Prince’s Purple Rain. Vocally good on What’s it all about Aynsley again produces the goods with a tremendous guitar solo. Great album from one of my top ten favourite guitarists. Rating 4/5

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