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Guitar Tuition

Personal Tuition

Aynsley is now taking on a limited number of students for private guitar tuition.
Lessons are based online via Zoom. Below is a very brief summary of the areas covered. For more details and available time slots, please email tuition@aynsleylister.co.uk

Rhythm playing:

  • Timing / Groove
  • Chord inversions / open strings
  • Dynamics
  • Guitar sound / gear used
  • Simplicity vs. complexity
  • Rhythm playing to suit situation.
  • Acoustic / Electric

Lead Playing / Solos:

  • The right tone for the right player
  • Bending and Vibrato
  • Playing with simplicity and conviction
  • Phrasing
  • Dynamics
  • How to build intensity
  • Giving a solo a direction
  • A sense of space
  • Spontaneity
  • Guitar vocalising
  • Improvising tips

Solo Unaccompanied Playing:

  • Simultaneous chord and bass groove playing
  • How to play lead over an intricate chord sequence and keep the song going
  • How to keep the momentum and focus of the song
  • How to build intensity

Guitar Sound / Guitar Tone:

  • Correct guitar setup to suit your playing style
  • The path to good tone
  • How practising on an acoustic will drastically improve your tone
  • How to get the most out of your pedals
  • Sounds for different environments – bedroom vs. stage
  • How to get different tones without touching those dials
  • How to get the most out of your gear
  • Equipment interaction
  • Aynsley Tuition Image

Guitar Weekends

How it works…
The weekend starts with dinner on the Friday evening at 7pm, then kicks off with an evening jam – 2 guitarists at a time getting up to jam with Aynsley’s band, finishing around midnight.
During the day on Saturday Aynsley will talk to the group about various aspects of playing and the group will get a chance to put any ideas discussed into practice with the band. There will be another jam on Saturday evening after dinner.
Sunday will be much the same as Saturday but finishing at about tea time (approx. 5pm).
All meals are included in the price (breakfast, lunch and dinner), as well as tea/coffee/water throughout the day, spa access if you want to use it, your accommodation and all your tuition. The only thing you’ll need to pay for whilst you’re there is your bar bill.

Location, cost and travel
The cost per person is £355 and the weekends are always held at Denham Grove Hotel in Uxbridge.
Those flying from Europe can be picked up from Heathrow Airport, just 20 minutes from the venue. We can drop you back on Sunday evening too, just let us know.

How experienced do you need to be?
This is a popular question! To get the most out of the weekend you need to have a basic grasp of lead playing and chords, roughly at an intermediate level. Knowledge of theory is not essential. There’s no pressure to get up and jam and you can take the weekend at your own pace. Every year we have people of varying abilities; some have never played in front of anyone before and others play regularly in bands. The atmosphere is non-judgemental and very relaxed so you won’t feel out of place whatever your level.

Comments from people who have been before…
“I was probably the most nervous of the lot before I played…. But having done it EVERYONE was really lovely and supportive. The atmosphere is one of complete acceptance of any level of ability from almost pro standard to a couple of us that could barely play… Both Aynsley and the band are very chilled and have the aura/attitude of keen teachers,,, the benefit to my playing has been utterly profound,,, and the things that were said, explored have stayed with me… Im going again,, and would hope it to be an annual thing!!! No embarrassment possible,,, apart from being a bit hungover Sunday morning!!!” – Steve P

“The level of ability was quite mixed, though everyone there could play to a reasonable standard. There was no pressure on anyone to come out front and play, but everyone took advantage of the opportunity to do so. Don’t pussy-foot around, get yourself booked onto the next weekend: you won’t regret it” – Bill C

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