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Tuesday Night Music Club


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I thought I had better give the winner of the British Blues Awards best Venue it’s own thread.
They have built a proper little community fan base down there in Coulson.
They have a few online gigs lined up, and tbh I voukdnt have picked a better line up myself.

Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse with special guest Josh Smith on 19th - you’ll find that one on theirFacebook page and the fun kicks off at 9pm. 

Then, they have 3 gigs on the improved Zoom platform

22nd September.  Trevor Sewell

6th October   Troy Redfern & Mike Ross aka RHR Redfern & Ross Hermanos. 

20th October with Rebecca Downes and her songwriting partner and ace guitarist Steve Birkett. 

There’s only 90 tickets available for each show and at only £5.50 per household they’ll likely fly out so head to https://www.thetuesdaynightmusicclub.co.uk/gig-diary.html and get yours now!


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Good call there John; I was kind of hoping some of our past London members might have given this plucky young club in Croydon a shout… Always feature well in the gig-guide.



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