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On the road again

Hey Folks! Well, after a nice long break, it's time for us to get back to work! So, right now it's absolute chaos getting everything ready... tidying out the bus ready for it to be trashed again within a day of the tour starting... guitar strings....trying to find passport... making sure the breakdown cover on the van is still valid... deciding which gear to take... blah blah blah! You get the picture. well, just while I am taking 5, i thought I'd just write and say Hi. I think we're all looking forward to getting back on the road... but it's gonna be busy! At the time of writing, the mixing for the live stuff we recorded is done... and sounding pretty good too. Just going to take it with us and have a good listen to see if anything needs tweaking. Then, when we get back we can make any adjustments and then send it for mastering. Although I'm not sure at the moment, I think the release will be around May time but we can confirm all that kind of thing shortly. Anyway, with loads to sort out I'm gonna sign off for the minute and get back to you all soon after the tour. Come along if you get the chance!! Bye for now, Aynsley l

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