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Howdy all!

Only a few days now before we’re off on the road again so I’m busy getting all my stuff sorted. My gear has now been given a much needed sorting out... the Winter months really took their toll on some of it and whilst I always give everything a good check over before I embark on a tour, I didn’t realise the full extent of what condensation can do to an old valve amp when left for two months! Fortunately I always have a least one other amp with me, normally a new one to try and so this gave me the perfect excuse to start experimenting with something new!!! It does seem like ages since we got back from Europe so I’m really looking forward to playing again. Last month was fantastic – almost every venue was sold out. In fact the turnouts in general just keep increasing which in the current financial climate is crazy! So a massive thank you to everyone for that both in Europe and England, couldn’t do it without you! In terms of highlights from recent months, well I can’t really pick one. The Blues garage in Hannover does stick out but only for the reason that whenever we play there it happens to fall on Dan’s birthday! ! Not sure how many bottles of Champagne we devoured courtesy of Henri but I’m sure it was more than last time!! We’re due out on the continent again at the back end of October with some dates in Switzerland and Austria aswell as more in Germany so look out for those. So, stuff coming up... well, being as it’s ages since I did any solo shows, I decided it was about to time to get some booked! I have really missed doing them as it’s so different to playing with the band - if you fancy an evening of old delta blues mixed in with a bit of everything then come along! If you decide to venture out to see the band you might catch the odd new song that we’ve been trying on the last tour. I was planning to try a few more but with some pretty long drives between shows it meant sleep came first!! I’m not sure yet how I want to record the next album but I do know I want to road test a lot of the material first. There’s something that happens to songs when you play them on the road, they evolve and it gives you chance to try different things to see what works and what doesn’t. Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting back on the road again, check out the gigs page and pop along soon wink Aynsley

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