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1967 GIBSON ES-345 Cherry A ‘players’ guitar in really nice condition, not battered but not unplayed. It has the original finish which has some weather checking and crazing and has faded slightly giving it a lovely ‘old’ look. The front has faded more than the back and is slightly darker in colour. There are a few dings and chips here and there and the neck has some playing wear on the sides where the finish has worn through. At some point it looks like it was fitted with a Bigsby so there are a couple of marks where that used to be. The frets are in very good shape and are nice and chunky, they’ve actually just been dressed and so it plays really well. It has the original Patent # pickups and comes in its original Lifton case. The only non original parts are detailed below: NON ORIGINAL PARTS: TUNERS: These have been changed to more recent Gibson Kluson types STOP BAR TAILPIECE: The Guitar originally had either a trapeze tailpiece or a Bigsby BRIDGE: Currently fitted with a ‘Tonepros’ bridge but the original is included and could be swapped back in 5 minutes! WIRING: This guitar has been converted to 335 wiring instead of the original Varitone circuit typical of the 345. The work was carried out by Simon Law (Guitarist Magazine, Matt Schofield) and done using the very best CTS pots and bumblebee caps. The original Varitone wiring harness comes with the guitar and the guitar has not been structurally modified in any way so the guitar could easily be restored to stock wiring if preferred. DETAILED HI-RES PICS HERE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/51144566@N08/ £3195 email aynsleylister@yahoo.com

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