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Glastonbury / ZZ Top

What a blast! With two amazing weekends... well actually, make that three because Silverstone was great too... if you like bikes haha! OK, first off, this was my first ever Glastonbury experience and so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it was going to be busy but I never appreciated the scale of it until we actually got there. With everything packed and everyone full of bacon sandwiches, we hit the road around 11am on Thursday morning. We’d been warned of the potential congestion and traffic and to allow up to 5 hours FROM Bristol!! Wow! Ironically, we didn’t hit a single bit of traffic and arrived at the car park about 2.30pm. Excellent. With plenty of time till our evening slot and some amazing weather we took in the afternoon to check the place out.... everywhere and everyone was just so chilled out! Our stage looked fantastic. With a capacity of around 800 it had a massive bar at the back selling all kinds of Bourbon, Whiskey... even coffee! Situated 5 minutes walk from both the Pyramid stage and the artist camping area it was in the perfect spot. The organisation here was spot on with everyone really friendly and helpful, nothing was too much trouble and this only made the whole weekend go as well as it did. By the time we hit the stage that evening the place was absolutely rammed and we walked on to a fantastic reception. The thing with this place is people really are there for the music and no matter what time you’re on stage, the crowd are right there with you. We played for almost two hours and finally left the stage after a few encores! It was late by this point but that didn’t matter, everyone was positively buzzing. On the Friday we woke up and went in search of some brekkies to take back to the tent. We found this really cool ‘tea and toast’ cafe which became THE breakfast stop for the rest of our stay. Very nice! The rest of the day was spent chilling in the baking sun and watching some very sunburnt people walking around! We played again about 6pm and had another fantastic gig with lots of people again grabbing a copy of the new album... we sold absolutely loads throughout the weekend... even while we were walking around people kept coming up and asking for one!! All in all, an amazing experience with some great music and great people. Fast forward to this weekend just gone when we flew out to Norway to play a festival with ZZ Top!!! Now that was good. I’ve always been a fan, particularly of Billy Gibbons and so to see them in the flesh was great... I even know now what amps and stuff he uses!! There was about 5000 there and they were... ermmm... how do you say... very up for it!! It was actually my first time ever in Norway but that didn’t seem to be a problem as half the front row were singing along!! So that’s it for now until the end of the month when we fly out to Poland. In the meantime I’m just trying to get through my gear phase... one which all musicians go through every now and then when they start changing gear left right and centre! Hopefully this obsessive compulsiveness is almost at an end for a good while!! See you all soon!

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