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Following the theme currently been expressed on the forum. Are there any music loving investor/angels out there, looking for an investment with a sense of fun & worthwhile purpose? On this weeks edition of Dragons Den the band Hamfatter raised the necessary finance from those hardnosed millionaires to record and release their next album, on their own label. Currently I am putting together the right team/infrastructure, to help to develop Aynsley’s profile to a higher level. The cornerstone of any such plan is finding an enthusiastic label, which will fully appreciates Aynsley’s talents. The current apathy and caution in major labels in the UK, towards real music, has been a source of deep frustration. Mondays Dragon’s Den programme inspired me to believe, that Aynsley producing & releasing his own album may be a more successful & exciting way forward for him also. Aynsley has the talent, I have the knowledge & experience required, all we need is a little help from some friends. So, are there people out there willing to invest £5000 each and play a vital role in developing Aynsley’s career to the next level? For more information/business plan contact me: - Alan Robinson @ arm@manhatonrecords.com

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