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Bloggy Update!

Howdy all! So as I sit here with my morning cuppa I thought I’d just give you all an update. I actually got my hands on the first copies of The Tower Sessions a couple of weeks ago and with still over a week to go until the official release date, the initial response has been brilliant: A guy showed up really early in the afternoon at one our German gigs the other week to grab one and by the time he showed up to the gig later, he said he’d played it three times already!! Even though the main release campaign has only just begun, lots of radio stations in and around Europe have already agreed to playlist it. Can’t complain at that! The plan (in case any of you were wondering!!) is to let the promotional team do their thing and then go back out on the road properly from September onwards. With Equilibrium we went out on the road straight away but in retrospect it seemed to take a good few months for the promotion to actually kick in and people realise there was a new record out. So this time we decided to leave it a few months. Finding the right strategy is always a challenge because what works for one product might not work for another, particularly in recent times. There’s no denying the fact it’s tough out there right now. On the live circuit a lot of venues are struggling with many resorting to closing completely... I’ve never had so many cancellations or rescheduled gigs in such a short space of time in all the years I’ve been playing! Just the other day we were told the Jazz Cafe in London was going to have to be rescheduled for later in the year. It’s the last thing anyone wants, particularly me... aside from the fact I absolutely hate inconveniencing people, the withdrawl symptoms of not playing have already kicked in!! So right now I’m just getting geared up for the weekend trip to Germany. However this time I’ll make sure everything is done in the correct airport manner... and hopefully we’ll encounter some... how do I say... more musician friendly staff at the airport!! Referring of course to our last flight out to the Isle Of Man... “Any hold baggage?” “Yes, we have three booked for the hold” I say as I point to the three guitar shaped cases on the trolley. “And what are they?” she asks with a stern ‘don’t mess with me deadpan face’... “Err, they’re guitars.”......”No” comes the reply in a ‘I don’t think so’ kinda voice!!! ...”What do you mean, NO?” It is then explained to me that although they are cases and even though they have been pre-booked and paid for... they are the wrong shape!? Right then. So how much is it? Thirty quid a case!! What?! In wasn’t until later that in retrospect I realised I had completely wasted five minutes of my life trying to talk round some jobs-worth old bat on a power trip who delighted in taking ninety quid off me, warning me I should also pay for the return journey.... err no! Of course on the way back we sailed through and were wished a good flight and good luck doing that music stuff! Other than that, we’re all really excited about Glastonbury and are planning a full weekend of it. So there you have it, the latest from the topsy turvy world of being a musician! I’ll keep you all updated with more news as we have it and pending a few confirmations will get the Autumn tour dates listed shortly. In the meantime if you haven’t already grabbed a copy of the new record, get one ordered immediately!! See you all soon, Aynsley

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