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BLOG Jan 6th

OMG… it’s now into the New Year and I’ve not written since September last year…LOL…. or is it LMAO? Hmmm… OK, call me old fashioned but I just can’t get into this new language that everyone seems to be using now…or abbreviations or whatever you call it. I mean it was only a few weeks ago that I drove past a billboard poster with it on! Is it mobile phones? Is it computers? Or is it just 2010? Who knows, but for me I think Ill just stick to good old English (will do my best with grammar!) Well, I guess I’d better fill you all in with what’s been happening and what’s about to. The back end of 2009 was a busy time for us out on the road but we did have a cracking time with some fantastic gigs and audiences. Following the live session in August, we disappeared off to the continent for pretty much the whole of September. Now although we’d played Germany earlier in the year, we’d not done anything in Switzerland for a good while and so it was great to get back there and who should turn up at one of the shows? Well that’d be a certain Mr Spooner of course… one time drum beater and all round top bloke!! It was great to see him in his new life and great to catch up too. This gig is also just around the corner from probably my favourite music shop ever and one where I have got hold of most of my cool stuff!! So I couldn’t leave the town without at least saying hello now could I? So, following our lovely brekkies at the Spooner household, we called in to see my mate Bruno. The only music shop where I don’t think I’ve ever come out without buying at least one thing… he just has the coolest old stuff that you really never see anywhere else…not that I need anything of course ha-ha!! Well, suffice to say that I did grab a couple of bits and spent plenty of time playing around with it all… knowing full well that after a while I’d probably end up back where I started: using the same stuff I’ve used for ages!! A little rest in October and a chance to spend some much needed time with family before we headed up to Scotland for the last weekend to begin our UK leg of touring…. All 24 gigs of it!! Being as it was Halloween during our stay in Edinburgh we decided to take full advantage of the Complimentary ghost tour which was actually hosted by the venue where we were playing. It was only during the outing that we realised the haunted dwellings we were being shown around were actually the buildings we were staying in for three days and nights!! Nice. All in all a great start to the tour and a great turnout at a venue we’d not done before. A night in Glasgow then a trip further north to Aberdeen before we came back down for the rest of the tour. Picking out any gig from that tour is hard as it all seemed to go so well. As a band too, we all really felt that such a busy schedule had really helped to gel the new line-up together… even if the man on the keyboards is now affectionately known as Dan ‘What Key’ Healey. Apparently I play in weird keys!! Ha-ha The last gig in my hometown couldn’t have been better… and just enough time to recuperate before the xmas madness!! A great way to end what has no doubt been the best year yet!!! We’re all so please with the response the album has had and the support from all you guys out there so thanks to you all!! So right now, we’re just updating everything to keep you all in the picture for what’s coming up on the live front….Recording wise, we’re just going through the live sessions and sorting that out so more news soon on that! Keep an eye out as the site is updated and if you see something near you, then come on out to see us!! That’s all for now…TTFN…. Err, I mean See you all soon! AL

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