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BLOG: Album update..

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d write and give you all an update on the new album – something I’ve been talking about for a while now! I know it’s been a few years since the last studio one (Equilibrium) but I really did want to take my time with this and only start the actual recording process when I was artistically ready, not before. I honestly do think the creative process is one that should never be rushed and so after two years I’m almost there! I’ve had the chance to try a good bunch of the new songs live as they’ve been written which has been great – the chance to step back and be a bit more objective than you can when you’re in the studio. YouTube is great for that!! In a live setting songs really do start to breathe and grow as you play them night after night, and so to be able to hit the studio with them already in that state is fantastic!

Since the end of May I’ve really been enjoying some downtime where I’ve had chance to work on and finish off all the ideas that have been bubbling away in my head for the past couple of years but I’ve just not had chance to sit and work on them. Either that or I’ve finished them and not been 100 percent happy and so they’ve been left to come back to later. I really love getting completely absorbed into the whole writing thing but when we’re constantly out on the road it’s sometimes difficult.

So right now, I’ve a good handful more songs which just need a few finishing touches here and there and then maybe a couple more song ideas I want to play around with first before I actually head into the studio to begin. Talking of studios, we’ve found a cracking one which for a change is not at the opposite end of the country to me! I’ve already been in for a bit of pre-production and to throw a few ideas around so now I just need to finish some bits and find a possible cover song to put on there. I’m only planning to put a maximum of two covers on there though so don’t worry – the two plus years worth of work will be the bulk of it!!

So, right at this moment I’m off to work on some lyrics…. More soon!!


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