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BLOG 2nd April

Well, that went swimmingly….. err.. the in store session at Nottingham’s new HMV that is! You see those things can kind of go one way or another but due to the guys at the store really working their socks off with promoting it, it was fun: I even got a Starbucks chocolate muffin thrown in! So anyway, that was just one of a number of little sessions I’ve been doing on various radio stations and whatnot…. all part of the release campaign for Equilibrium. It’s all going very well actually, no – really! So, stuff that’s been happening recently… well, lots of great reviews in the press and media, plenty of airplay throughout Europe including U.K’s Radio 2 where it has had a good handful of plays by the likes of Bob Harris and Paul Jones etc,… this months Guitar Techniques mag which is the first of three issues featuring a video tuitional thing and other stuff inside… err… and lots of invites to cool festivals and gigs including one in Barcelona of all places!!! So there you have it! All good stuff really. Now to the live stuff and the tour we just did in Germany, Holland and Belgium. Hmmm… the most notable happening that the guys will remember from that one? Well that will be the visit to my friend Thomas’ winery where we stayed for two days. Funny isn’t it how I can change the entire line-up of my band and still end up with three guys that love wine! Well, with two days off, what else are you gonna do eh? The tour as ever went well and the audiences responded great to the new line-up and sound aswell as the album, which sold in truckloads. Tour manager for this outing was a guy called Felix… at 6ft 7ins tall and bearing a striking resemblance to captain Birdseye, we didn’t get too much trouble! Don’t ask me why but there are always gonna be moments that stick with you: the sight of Morg shaking his head in disapproval at the sound engineer who is clearly feeling quite smug at the ridiculous delay / echo effect he has just added to the vocals on Purple Rain and is now smiling and nodding at you! Needless to say, the effect was quickly turned off!! So, to this months outings. Tuesday night was Chester and the first of this month’s run of UK dates. It felt more like a weekend gig with the turnout we had. I really like that place and the guys there always really look after us with some great food and drink. Of course, the best route to a good gig for me!! After yesterdays record store thing and the little radio session I did in the afternoon, tonight’s gig in Nottingham should be cracking. If you don’t manage to make that then check he gig guide for something else and make sure you check before travelling as I have had word a couple are sold out. That’s all for now, more soon! AL

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