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Aynsley’s Tour Blog

…And so after our first four days on the road, we all get a few days off to recuperate! Much needed it is too….. this touring business is quite strenuous when you’ve not done it for a while you know. Well it was certainly good to be back on the road again…. After a few too many mince pies and wines it was what we all needed to get us back in shape. However, although we managed to stay away from the mince pies during this first leg, the same cannot be said of the aforementioned liquid. When the hospitality is that good you don’t argue do you? Well we don’t anyway! So…. to the gigs then….. We started off at The Half Moon in Putney. Now, the last time I was there I was doing a support slot........ I was about 19 I think and it was also the very first gig where I used my 335 – I had bought it the previous week. Still not sure if it was any good, any doubts were soon cast aside during the sound check when a certain Mr Otis Grand came and grabbed it out of my hands shouting “Give me that guitar, where did you get this?” whilst noodling away on my new toy. Next followed a decisive “I’ll swap you that Strat for it now” as he pointed to his main guitar for the evening. “Well actually, I already have one and I quite like this new one so… err… no thanks, Mr Grand” ….Looking a bit pissed off he wondered off letting me know that if I changed my mind he would be in the dressing room. Blah blah blah…..needless to say by the end of the night his offer had increased to more than one Strat, three if I remember correctly! Ha ha! Well, I still have it and so once again it graced the stage at this wonderful venue for a very decent crowd, especially considering it was Wednesday AND the Football was on!!! We had a cracking time and I think the fact we hadn’t played for so long and were that excited came across fairly clearly. Jo and Rich had obviously been shopping in preparation for the forthcoming tour and entered the stage with their new gear…. So two days later, I decided I fancied a bit of retail therapy too! What became quite apparent is that we’re all quite good at spending… in a very short space of time. Thursdays schedule took us to Bilston where we played the Robin with support from Dani Wilde. Just signed to Ruf, she is doing a few openers on the tour and on this first night; it was easy to see why. Blessed with one hell of a voice, this young lass did a cracking job. The crowd were fantastic and we should be back there before the end of the year. Climbing aboard what is now known as the ‘pimp wagon’ on Friday morning, we headed for Wales to Tregaron. With my own bus being a little delayed in the building process, the company have loaned me one of theirs until mine is done. Managing to make it through a whole box set of ‘The Office’ Jo and me chilled in the back whilst Mr Spoons took the wheel and got us to the venue for about 6. The kind of place where you’re never quite sure if anyone will come because it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere. However, we walked on stage to a great turnout and had lots of fun, people were up dancing from the first note and never sat down until we had done. Being a hotel, we stayed there for the night and woke to a lovely breakfast. The only downer was when the cleaning lady started freaking out at us because we hadn’t cleared the rooms by 11am…. I mean nobody told us! So, barely dressed, the key in the door turns (no knock) and in she trys to wander “It’s gone 12 now… I need to bring in my Hoover isn’t it” It later transpired that we were the only three people staying in the bloody place! Other than that, we had a lovely stay and took a drive through the Welsh countryside once again to the last gig of our little weekend jaunt – The Citadel at St. Helens. I really love this place, I can’t remember ever having a bad night there …always a great audience, turnout and the atmosphere is awesome. This time, my amp didn’t pack up after the third number like it did last time… for this time, I was plugged into my trusty old Marshall you see!!! Once again, we had Dani open up the evening’s entertainment before we wondered on to perform our new show. Ohh… did I not say?…. Yes, we have been messing around a little with the set and a couple of toones… but that’s something you’ll have to come and check! So, come and see us soon for some ‘ludicrously good’ fun (Nestle Clusters… isn’t it…) Aynsley

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