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Aynsley and Virgil jam at The Robin 2!

Thursday's gig at The Robin saw VATA's Virgil McMahon join Aynsley on stage again for yet another jam, following on from Aynsley's perfomance at the Accelerators own show at The Musician, Leicester.  A performance compared to Obi-Wan and Luke getting together in Star Wars!...  "What a blast! It was a bit like Obi-Wan and Luke getting together, but far less serious - lots of smiles from both - lots of mutual respect too - and truly captivating to watch these two trading licks back and forth." - ICON, from the Aynsley Lister Official Forums.

For those of you who missed it, check out the videos on YouTube and while you're at it, why not show your support and subscribe to Aynsley and the VATA boys too!

Aynsley and Virgil jam 'Running Out On Me' - Robin 2, Bilston

Aynsley and Virgil jam 'Sugar' - Robin 2, Bilston

Virgil and Aynsley jam 'Going Down' - The Musician, Leicester

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