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Something different..

Here's a short clip of an improv thing I did with my old mate Alex Thomas in his studio a couple of weeks back.

It was such a cool day. Some of you may already know I used to play with Alex in my band back in the very early 2000's. Since then he's gone on to do some incredible stuff. When we did this, we literally hadn't played together in 17 years or so but as soon as we started it was as if no time had passed at all! An incredible drummer and top geezer all round... check out his YouTube channel for more. 

Here's our clip.. Quite possibly more to come too!


Online Guitar Lessons

Online guitar lessons still available! For those of you who are not sure if I'm still doing them, or are not aware at all... the answer is yes and yes!!

I started doing these during the UK lockdown last April using Zoom. I've taught guitar for around 15 years, tutoring for the IGF, running various workshops, running my guitar weekends and teaching one to one in Leicester, but 2020 was actually the first time I've ever taught online! Realising how straight forward it is (technology wise), I should have done it years ago!! It's not much different to lessons in person in terms of content and actually fantastic for those who live a good distance away from the Midlands where I'm based. 

All you need is a Zoom account (similar to Skype) which is free to download and easy to use. There's a few extra things in this which are really useful in the lessons, such as the ability to record a particular thing I'm demonstrating so you can watch it back later.

So, whether you're stuck in a rut with your playing, need something new to work on or simply just want to enhance what you already have then get in touch. Send me an email at All levels and abilities welcome, from beginner through to advanced.



Pic taken at one of our guitar weekends by the awesome Andy Hibbs Photography.


Q: How does it actually work and what do you need?

A: I use Zoom which is similar to Skype but with a few extra features which make it useful for the lessons. it’s pretty easy to navigate and free to download if you don’t have it. Other than that you just need yourself, your guitar, maybe a little practice amp and a cuppa.


Q: How good do you need to be? “I don’t know all my scales and my theory is pretty non existent. I’m no Eric Clapton”

A: The only basic requirement is to know a few chords and be able to roughly navigate where you are on the neck. A few basic lead bits too and you’re good to go. You don’t need to be able to blaze up and down the neck and know every augmented and diminished chord ever known to man…. just enough to get you through a few songs you might want to play. If you know a bit of theory, great… if you know absolutely nothing about scales, modes and all that stuff, also fine! Maybe you’ve only just picked up the guitar and can busk through a few songs and throw together a few of the lead bits or at least have a bash at it: as long as this sounds sounds like something you can do, then I can help you.


Q: So what do you get when you book a lesson with me?

A: You get an hours one to one tuition tailored to you as a player, not me or anyone else. The lessons are about you getting what you need to advance your playing to where you want it to go. Of course there are a bazillion youtube tutorials that you can watch and learn stuff but what you never get from that is the feedback of someone listening to YOUR playing and then working with you on it.
There is no set format to the lessons and every one is different. Every player is different and is at a different point in their journey. Some players have an idea of what what they need help with while others aren’t so sure. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut, maybe you’ve seen something you like in another player and want to understand what it is they’re doing. Maybe, you have no idea what it is you need and in that case I will listen to you play and we’ll come up with a plan to get you moving forward.
Using Zoom, I can also record any parts of the lesson you like and send to you afterwards
so you’ve got something to refer back to after the lesson and work on.


Q: How much does it cost for a lesson and how regularly do you recommend having one?

A: It is £45 for an hours lesson and I recommend having at least 2-3 weeks in between lessons to give you chance to practice. The time spent in between lessons is what will make the difference, but don’t worry - I’ll give you plenty to work at wherever you’re at!


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