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Coronavirus Update

A brief update from us because I'm sure you're all fed up hearing about it now. We're sorry to say the upcoming Guitar Weekend, Roth Blues Festival and our show at Z1 in Pirmasens has had to be cancelled. This decision was completely out of our hands, with both the ban on mass gatherings in Germany and the suggestion of the same from our Prime Minister on Monday (16th). We have been in discussions with all venues on the upcoming tours and I'm pleased to say that we have been invited back to Roth Blues Festival next year and will be rescheduling our guitar weekend and show at Z1, so all will not be lost.

As it stands, we have been in discussion with all the venues on our upcoming European tour, scheduled for the end of April/beginning of May and many have asked us to wait before cancelling, to see how the situation develops. It's quite likely that we will need to reschedule the shows, but for us, the venues and the fans, we lose nothing by waiting. So that's what we're going to do. We're going to keep an eye on the developments and make a final decision by the beginning of April, so please bear with us. 

In the meantime, I'm planning a few live feeds across my social media platforms for you guys to tune in to. I'll announce more details on the platforms shortly so check out Facebook/Instagram and Twitter.

To quote Richard Dunning from the Tuesday Night Music Club, who have promised to come back bigger and better following this, as we have, please think of think of all the musicians, the sound engineers, the promoters, the venue owners and all the ancillary staff that at this moment are staring down the barrel of a gun with their livelihoods in tatters. They all need your help - please do reach out to them if you can. Musicians, music venues and all involved in this industry do not cancel shows lightly. It is our income. Our living. Please be kind.

Look after yourselves everyone, stay safe and stay in touch! 

Love to all,

Aynsley, Steph, Andy, Bunny & Jono.


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