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New Blog: Tour & Recording Update!

So, here I am in my hotel room in Zurich. It’s the second show day of the SEAT MUSIC SESSION tour and the first time I’ve had an hour to spare in weeks!

Following rehearsals for all the new material, we started actually recording the new album at the back end of September. We did as many days as we could, working around gigs etc until we left for Switzerland. It’s all sounding fantastic – with the sounds we’ve captured and with some outstanding playing from all involved so far, I have to say I couldn’t be happier. It’s a good while since I’ve been into the studio and so it was good to get back into such a creative environment with some truly inspirational players! Also, to hear the songs we’ve been playing live finally coming out of the studio monitors - very rewarding! Work will continue once I return to the UK in a few weeks… Can’t wait.

The Swiss / Austrian tour with my band went really well. I really love playing out here, every part of it is just so good… from the audiences, the venues, the sound, to the hospitality and the food! Having new drummer Bunny on tour with us definitely livened things up! This guy can groove with the best of ‘em… Putting him on stage with Steve and Andre is just dynamite! Most sound checks I just sat and watched them jamming together until the temptation got too much and I had to join in! It was a sad moment when the week had passed so quickly and I was dropping them all at the airport in Austria before making my way to Switzerland for the next part of my tour!
Following a manic 800 km drive I finally arrived in Zug, just before midnight on Sunday to join the SEAT MUSIC SESSION. The whole concept of this is based around a circular stage in the middle of the room with the audience sat all around the outside. There is a house band led by musical director Phil Dankner and there are six artists who each do a few songs of their own and then collaborate on a few too.

Rehearsals started at 9 am the next morning in the venue we were to play the first show in on Tuesday night. Everyone took their turn to run through their own material with the band, who by the way are absolutely top notch! They’d learnt my songs better than I knew them! Then, there came the collaboration songs. For me it involves a duet of an old Phil Collins number with Swiss singer Börni, and then with all the other artists for two other songs which right now will remain nameless!! There is a real mixture of styles between all six of us, from pop to gospel, soul to reggae! It was definitely an intense day, I think we finished around 10pm. The next morning we started again at 9am and carried on rehearsing the whole show until 5pm. Just enough time to grab some food, shower and then back for the first full show at 8pm!!! Everyone was tired and nervous, it had been a draining two days so far and we still had the first show to do! It’s also very different to what everyone is used to aswell: When each artist takes their turn they stand in the middle of the circle and performs literally 360 degrees! That first night went incredibly well though and for me personally it was a weight lifted.

So right now, I’m gonna sign off and head to Soundcheck for the second show of the tour!  Will update you again soon!




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