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April Update

Hi everyone! Thought I’d just give you all a quick update as there’s lots happening at the moment. Anyone who was at either one of the two solo gigs I did over the last week will have seen something you probably weren’t expecting... For those who missed it, I decided to get Dan along to play the second set with me on keyboards! It was kind of experimental but above all immense fun! We could have sat down together and put together a highly rehearsed and polished set... or we could do what we did which was to just see what happened on the night! One of the things I love about performing is those moments where even I don’t know what’s going to happen or where the song is going to go next and I think it’s this that makes live music live. In fact, for the Nottingham one I even got my old mate Duncan Moules up on harmonica too – cracking night that was wink Watch this space for more on that soon! There’s been some great action on Twitter recently with loads of good ideas for the new monthly newsletter which starts in May. Either tweet us your suggestions for features you’d like to see or send them to I’m using Twitter a lot more now so if you want to send me an @mention or just keep up with what’s happening on the road then get on there and follow me We’ve also had loads of gigs come in recently for the next few months and so the GIGS page has had a really good update. Do have a look as there could have been one added down’t road! There are still loads to go on from October onwards pending a few confirmations so look out over the next month or so for the Winter European and UK dates to be uploaded. That's all for now, more soon! Aynsley 0

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