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Guitar Workshop

Hello! Been really busy this month writing some new songs to try on the upcoming tour and servicing all my gear! Just thought I’d pop in, say hello and give you all a heads up about a special, one-off Guitar workshop I’m doing In Nottingham on 2nd April. It’s a daytime thing and I’ll be covering all areas including lead, rhythm, slide, tone, gear etc, plus anything else you want to throw at me! It’s a very social event and one where you bring your guitar with you. There’ll be tea and coffee making facilities and a buffet lunch included. There are limited spaces available and depending on the success and interest I may look in to doing them more regularly, so get in touch even if you can’t make it this time round! Contact me at for more details. Now.. Back to the music! TTFN, Aynsley 0

Never a dull moment!

Well, there’s no doubt it’s winter right now but it takes more than a bit of nasty weather to put me off! I actually quite like snow and whilst the novelty did wear off pretty quickly when it came down thick in November, it certainly didn’t put me off driving to wherever we had to get to... I kind of saw it as a fun challenge!! Maybe that’s not a normal reaction when it starts to snow but, I’ve got a spade and all that Haha. Well, that was just one part of the tour that won’t be forgotten –particularly the trip we did to Edinburgh which actually started in London the same morning! Using ‘Twitter’ to let people know how we were getting on, we didn’t realise how many people were actually following our progress until we arrived at ‘The Caves’ and it had become the talk of the whole pub next door to the venue!!! Talking of ‘Twitter’ anyone following will have seen the article that lists me as dead!!!! Not surprisingly it was a typo error and that I am in fact still here and living! The upshot of this is that it was actually in Guitarist Magazines supplement called ‘BLUES GUITAR HEROES: The Worlds Greatest Blues Guitar Players Interviewed And Profiled’ where myself and my mate Matt Schofield are the only ones from the current UK circuit included... alongside all those famous ones!! I think I can let them off for that one! Never a dull moment! The whole tour went really really well. The turnouts were up on the last UK dates and with Tim now well settled on the drums, we had a blast playing together and trying out a couple of new tunes. Tim even took on some lead vocals by the end of the tour! Thanks to everyone who came out to support us, you really made it a fun six weeks. As ever on the tour I took the opportunity to try out some new gear, I mean when else am I going to try it?! First of all with another old Marshall amp I recently got hold of – with my favourite one showing it’s age I thought I’d better try and find another good one as right now I don’t have anything that sounds as good. I decided that needs some tweaks here and there so is in pieces right now! I also tried some truly amazing guitars made by Damian Probett. Damian lives down South and we’d spoken about the possibility of trying some of his hand-built guitars. So when we ventured down to Aldershot he brought a couple with him and one of them was so good I ended up playing it for at least half the set – that never happens! Right now he’s building more and hopefully there’ll be one for me before too long – can’t wait. So for now, get signed up on Twitter and keep following what we’re up to. More dates will be added to the gigs page as they come in and for anyone who was unable to grab a t-shirt in their size on the last tour, don’t worry – we’ve just re-ordered and we’re hoping to get all sizes (S,M,L,XL,XXL) up on the site very soon for online ordering. Well, that’s enough rambling for now so I’m off. Take care, see you soon! 2

April 2011 latest…

Aynsley is out on the road both solo and with the band over the next few months so catch him where you can. Plans are in motion for the launch of the new site soon which will be updated regularly with latest news, live photo’s, you tube clips and much more! Aynsley’s latest ‘Just Rock’ T Shirts are now available at all gigs and to receive regular updates from Aynsley himself, follow him at


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