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Tour with It Bites

Hi all, I have just caught up with the latest goings on so thought I better set you all straight about the tour we have just done as there clearly seems to be some confusion here. The tour was put together by the bookings agency as a DOUBLE HEADER setup. This is what was offered and this is what was agreed – by BOTH bands. Fact. How each venue and ‘It Bites’ promoted each gig was out of our hands, which may explain the confusion on the billing / set length. It was agreed that ‘It Bites’, having been around for longer would play a slightly longer set and we were allocated an hour each night. The concept for the tour being that both bands have their own following and to bring the two together to create more. The selection of venues made was on the (agencies) assumption that a compromise would be made in terms of stage space and equipment used. Either the bands would share a drum kit or equipment would be moved in order for us to have proper use of the stage. Unfortunately for us, despite requests for this to happen ‘It Bites’ were not prepared to oblige in this way. As a result, we tried to fit onto the remaining space in any which way we could but for some of the venues it was going to be impossible. The stages at both Oxford and Bristol were only big enough for one set of backline. It was for this reason that Oxford was cancelled and in Bristol why we set up on the floor in front of the stage. Obviously the last thing we wanted to do was cancel a gig but there was no other way around it. Refunds should have been available to everyone who wanted one. Anyone who didn’t get one is due one and anyone who turned up at the Oxford show is due a free entry to another gig. All we ask is that you contact us first to let us know which one and bring your Oxford ticket with you on the night. Regarding the forum on this site, things have clearly got out of hand and so we have closed the thread. Regarding the forum on ‘It Bites’ site, things are getting silly. The fact is despite our differences with the stage logistics, both bands got along fine. Whilst in retrospect the tour didn’t go as expected, it is done now and nobody has fallen out. Hopefully that clears up any confusion as to ‘what this tour was supposed to be’. It would be nice if people didn’t get so confrontational with each other on the forum. It’s supposed to be a friendly place, not a battle field for people to slag off other bands and people. Each one of us has a different taste in music and those tastes should be respected. Aynsley 1

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