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The Irish Experience!

“Are you sure you won’t be havin another drink there?..are ya sure there?....did you ever try a Jamesons?..give the man a Jamesons!” They say the Irish are a friendly old bunch! Well, after a week driving around their lovely country I can honestly say that they are probably some of the nicest people I ever met…. nobody rushes around, nobody gets stressed and they love drinking!! Having lots of driving to do though, the one thing they lack is proper roads.....well... roads where you can travel at more than 40 MPH without either wrecking your car or getting stuck behind a tractor every 20 minutes... it takes hours to get anywhere!! The weather was amazing all week though so it really a problem… there is just so much space and greenery over there! If it was the UK, you can guarantee someone would build something on it! Haha Well, I’m now settled back home and after moré than a few beers over there, I think my body has finally de-toxed itself of… well whatever it was I was they happened to give me, those people just will not take ‘no’ for answer, the word ‘lock in’ is part of their every day vocabulary. So err… the gigs… well as it quite a while since I had done any solo stuff, it was great to be brushing up on it all again giving me chance to try out a few new things, not to mention my lovely new amp that I got just before I went away!! Definitely a memorable experience playing over there… oddly enough mostly relating to alcohol in some way or another…or evoking visions of where the writers of Father Ted got their ideas from!! “Now are you sure you won’t havin another cuppa tea Father? Or go on… go on.. right so” All for now! Aynsley 2

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