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BLOG 9th Feb

Evenin’ all!... or top of the morning to you… if you’re reading this sat at work with your morning cup of coffee. Just a quick scribble today to update on stuff. Last gig was on Friday in Warrington. Hmmm… now to be honest, I wasn’t too sure about this one. We arrived.. well actually, I arrived at 3.30 what with last week’s weather I didn’t want to risk it. The guys arrived about an hour later as they had all travelled from different parts of the country. Yes, me in the van and the other three in a car… something wrong there isn’t there? Ahh well, the price you pay for having a cool band doesn’t necessarily mean we’re all gonna live near each other. And we don’t. OK, I’m going off track here… On entering the venue, we were greeted by a social club-ish looking room with a very random looking PA system. Hmmm…. Well, maybe another one was going to arrive for the gig. It didn’t…. right then. Next up, the guy from behind the bar offered us a drink: "Alrighty then… I’ll have a coke”….. “A Pint mate?”…. “Sure thing batman”…. It wasn’t until ten minutes later when I’d necked most of it that the aforementioned barman was in a blind panic and wanted a word: “Me boss has just really shouted at me…. had a right go… I thought they were free but he says you gotta pay for ‘em”….. “Okaaay then.. so how much?”……. “Errr. £2.20 mate” Huh! How lovely! Anyway, promoter arrived next and on went the power for sound check. As suspected, PA was terrible. Never mind, it wasn’t going to get better so we just worked with what we had and got sound-check out of way to make way for the rather lovely curry that promoter had brought with him. Full to the top with curry, we hung around but as it got increasingly busy and with no backstage or whatever to retreat to, we ended up in the back of the bus and watched a film. Now to the gig. When we went on it was absolutely rammed to the top full of people and it actually ended up being a good night. The crowd were really responsive and the evening was finished off with a massive crowd of people grabbing the new album. Cool! So what started out looking.. well, not very good at all… actually turned out Ok in the end. Now I’m sure a fair few of you reading this will think I’m just a moaning old git who is never happy unless I get the right colour M&M’s served with my favourite brand of mineral water that has to be flown in from Zimbabwe! Okay, M&M’s yes, mineral water, no!! Only joking!!! There are just one or two pet hates that I encounter every now and then which tend to put a negative spin on things before you even start. Probably the most common is the PA thing. I am not expecting state of the art technology in a venue such as this… just something that is up to the job of what we need.. and just as importantly, a sound engineer who actually knows what he is doing... and is not deaf!… believe me, there are a few around and their job description is: ‘SOUND ENGINEER’ It’s not a lot to ask is it? The only other things we ask for are somewhere to get changed that is NOT the toilets and something to eat and drink before we go on!!! So there you have it! Moan over…. Promise wink Looking forward to this week, tickets for Glasgow and Kendal are going well so they should both be cracking nights. If you haven’t got a copy of the new album yet, then either come to a gig SOON (you don’t know what you’re missing!!! Hehe) or order it online from Manhaton Records Right, that’s all for now… more scribblings soon! Ayns 8

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