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New Album

So just in case you were wondering what on earth has been happening over the past few months, here I am again to give you a quick update on the latest goings on in Aynsley land! As most of you will have noticed it’s been a quiet few months on the gigging front due to me being busy working on a new album. It doesn’t seem like two minutes since I was in the studio making the last one…. time really has flown by! So with a new album on the agenda, I set about working on new material at the start of the year. Since then I have been throwing around lots of ideas that in the last couple of months have started to come together and take shape. So…. to the question everyone wants answering..... “What’s it gonna be like?”….. Well that really is a hard one to answer! Like anything that involves a creative process, I am not going to be entirely sure until it is finished. In fact on this album it’s even harder to answer as I really have taken a leap in the dark with this and joined forces with a new production team led by producer Steve Smith. With the last album being self produced, it was decided this time to go all out and try something completely different. Steve has assembled together a team of top quality players that along with his direction and vision will hopefully produce a much more organic and exciting album with more depth and colour. I really have let Steve run with it on this one and on the results achieved so far, I have to say that I am more than happy! Of course with the album still in the making, it really is impossible to say at this point what the finished piece will be but as soon as I can shed more light on this, I’ll let you all know!! TTFN Aynsley 0

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