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Following the theme currently been expressed on the forum. Are there any music loving investor/angels out there, looking for an investment with a sense of fun & worthwhile purpose? On this weeks edition of Dragons Den the band Hamfatter raised the necessary finance from those hardnosed millionaires to record and release their next album, on their own label. Currently I am putting together the right team/infrastructure, to help to develop Aynsley’s profile to a higher level. The cornerstone of any such plan is finding an enthusiastic label, which will fully appreciates Aynsley’s talents. The current apathy and caution in major labels in the UK, towards real music, has been a source of deep frustration. Mondays Dragon’s Den programme inspired me to believe, that Aynsley producing & releasing his own album may be a more successful & exciting way forward for him also. Aynsley has the talent, I have the knowledge & experience required, all we need is a little help from some friends. So, are there people out there willing to invest £5000 each and play a vital role in developing Aynsley’s career to the next level? For more information/business plan contact me: - Alan Robinson @ 1

July 2nd’s Scintillating Banter

A very good day to you all! Herewith we have another instalment of a musicians life at the cutting edge of the music industry, a first hand account of life in the fast lane at the very pinnacle of blues –rock entertainment…. Hmmm…ok……. errr, roughly translated, that is a blog from the world of Aynsley to fill you in on all the arsing about that really goes on behind that thick veneer of professionalism that we as musicians try and maintain!!! You see, realising I’m not that good at faking it, I prefer to tell you about what actually goes on and not try and flower it up. So, the first thing anyone will know who follows these goings on is that recently we as a band have had a little break from gigging with more down time to come over the next few months. Yeah yeah, so I suppose you think when we’re not on the road, we go into full on chill-out mode, ya know, hanging, cruising, drinkin. all that…not a chance. Actually, that is a complete lie – sorry… BUT not the whole time – honest! Well… I suppose it is nice to have a break but it’s normally these kind of times when work doesn’t really stop, we’re usually busy preparing for the next project. Really. Ok, so now you’ve probably picked up that I’m trying as hard as I can to justify my current laziness! Yes, I am lazy – there you go, I said it first. Now that’s out of the way, I will tell you what I has been up to. (by now you have probably noticed I couldn’t keep up the posh way of writing - sorry). Right now I am in a very creative mode, writing lots of stuff and playing around with different ideas etc in preparation for the next recording session. Now at this point in time, I am not going to say too much as the creative process is still in motion. Not that I’m any good at baking… but if someone I knew was baking a cake and showed me the ingredients while they were putting it all together, it wouldn’t be the same as if I just saw the finished thing. If that doesn’t make sense, ignore me but I’m sure you know what I mean. So many people have asked me recently what the next album will be like and the truth is, I can’t answer that question with a straight answer – you’ll just have to wait and see! Aside from my doodlings and noodlings with pen and paper, my wonderful manager has put together a little run of solo dates up and down the UK in September and October which is something I haven’t done for a while. It was whilst preparing for this, that I have been inspired to write the odd tune on my lovely old slide guitar. It’s funny how a certain instrument can make you write in a certain way but I have a couple of guitars that just do that – I don’t know how. Uhhh….. I’m letting the cat out the bag here!!! Well, as I said, the creative process is in full flight right now so who knows what’s gonna pop into my head next! Errrr… guitars…… talking of these six stringed things, my latest aquisistion has now earned itself a place as my current favourite. Ohh yes, that lovely old Telecaster – I just can’t seem to put it down. It’s the first guitar I’ve ever got my hands on that on it’s first outing got used for a good chunk of the set. To anyone reading this who is not into guitars, all you need to know is that it is super cool and that geezer out of the Rolling Stones plays one. I mean he’s cool isn’t he? So here I am, surrounded by guitars, scraps of paper and plectrums… everywhere. It’s funny but those little things do find their way into every part of everything. Go to the checkout at Morrisons, reach into your pocket for a fiver and out flick loads of plectrums!! I mean they’re like tiddly winks or something. Not that I try and tell everyone I play the guitar but it is a bit of a giveaway isn’t it? I’ve lost count of the amount of times the washing machine has started to sound strange, only to find a multitude of picks jingling around inside it! Other stuff coming up this side of Christmas is hopefully a little run of stuff in one of the Guitar Magazines. It is kind of to coincide with this and due to lots of requests, that I have now started private guitar tuition. After doing two seasons at the IGF summer school with their week long Guitar Workshops and this and that for the guitar mags over the past few years, I have finally got myself together on this front. If this be of interest, check out the new page added to the site!!! Other than that, I’d just like to leave you with a quote from a review in this months Classic Rock magazine that made me smile: “Aynsley Lister is a precocious talent who looks like one of McFly and plays like Robert Johnson at volume 11” Ha ha!! Oh yeah wink 2

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