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London Show June 22nd !!

Don’t miss Aynsley and the bands first London show following their highly succesful tour with Robin Trower. The Half Moon, Putney, June 22nd. Capacity is limited so book now to avoid disappointment. Click GIGS page for details.


Bloggy June 11th

Ok. So it’s a bit belated as an end of tour blog but hey ho, better late than never!! Now after reading my last two blogs you’d probably be ready for me to have a good old moan. Well, you know what? No moaning or bitching this time!! The first thing I will tell you is that I am completely back to normal with my aching bones and tired old body. After one more trip to see an amazing Osteopath one week after the Newcastle gig I was back to normal within another week or so. He was actually a guitarist aswell and could totally understand why I have to lean over the front of the stage with my foot on the monitor and my head banging away to the pounding of Spoons’ drums! The second half of the tour with Robin went swimmingly and actually even quicker than the first part. We had such a great time with those guys, they really made us feel at home and as for the audiences, they were amazing. Hopefully off the back of this tour we should see more and more new fans coming along to the gigs in the future so thanks to all of you who supported the tour and don’t leave it too long before you come along again. I never realised how many or Robin’s audience are guitarists…. I don’t think I’ve talked to so many people about guitars in such a short space of time ever - brilliant!!! It’s certainly got my brain onto thinking about gear again!! Oh dear! Talking of gear (here we go....), I have for the first time in quite a while (honest) just got another guitar and I picked it up from the wonderful ‘Uncle Bob’ just one week ago. ‘Uncle Bob’ as he is affectionately known on the local musician circuit is the guy everyone takes their guitars to if they want a pucker job doing. Having used his services on and off pretty since I first started playing, he now looks after all of my guitars and with the one I have just got being a bit old and battered, it was definitely in need of some TLC. So Bob worked his magic and since I’ve had it back, I literally can’t stop playing it! If you wanna know more, then come to a gig! Last weekend was actually our first couple of full sets for a good while now and started on Friday up near Hull at the Tribal Gathering Festival. Unfortunately the weather had decided to disagree and so we arrived to find our stage for the evening to be the back of a lorry in the middle of a field in the pouring rain. Across the grass we drove to pull up at the side of the stage so we could properly assess the situation. After some initial hiccups with the logistics of the changeovers between bands we went for a wonder. . Looking around we could see a rodeo thing, an alcohol point and a couple of food sources… but no people. Hmmmm… now what I hadn’t noticed was all the tents in the next field!! Of course once the music got underway, everyone started to appear and a good night was had by all. Our food tokens were off course used very resourcefully to buy as many hog roast cobs as we could manage!! I mean when it’s there, you just can’t say no can you?? Unfortunately, the last few went while we were on stage. Damn! So what started out bearing a striking resemblance to the Craggy Island Funfair, actually turned out to be a cracking night and we had a lot of fun. The next gig I would like to plug is on the 22nd at The Half Moon in Putney. This will be the first London gig since last months gallivanting with Mr T. If you can make it, then come on down as it really is a cracking place and it would be nice to play to as many of you as poss (wink, wink!!) So, for the moment that’s about it but of course if you wanna know any more come and have a natter in London!! TTFN 0

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