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Pasties and tea at 120 km/h

“Spoons… stick the kettle on”… “Righto Skipper… would you care for a bite to eat… sausage roll, pasty, Doritos?”… “Ahh yes… a hot pasty and a cup of tea please” “Coming up….err… how many watts shall I set the microwave to..700? “Err.dunno” “Lets try full power… (Click) …your pasties are now going round and round….. how much further to the hotel?” “Satnav says an hour and ten” “OK…we’ll open some more wine then….(ding)..Hurrah… your food is done… tea on the way skipper”…. OK, so yes, we are behaving like kids…. but… well… why not? You see I could just write a blow-by-blow account of all the gigs we’ve done…. but…. well, that is the stuff you see. My mad ramblings are usually to do with the stuff that happens in the other 80% of the time we spend on the road… Well, we’d kinda got used to the bus the night liner company had loaned us and, well you know: it’s hard to go back once you’ve tried something isn’t it? However, with mine being built to the specific requirements we’d given them, it was going to be a bit different from the one to which we had become accustomed. Lets just say I was a little nervous about how it was going to end up. We’d initially chatted to the builders and described what kind of thing we wanted. It was going to be a complete custom one off conversion; but with no drawings or whatever, we didn’t actually know what it was going to be like until we saw it on completion. So the longer it took them, the more we got used to theirs thinking we would have been better off to just ask for exactly the same thing. But that would have been boring. Six long weeks passed and then came the phone to say it was finished. As soon as we saw it, any apprehension went straight out of the window; the guys have done an amazing job in interpreting what we wanted. Definitely worth the wait. It’s maiden voyage covered some 650 miles and so gave us plenty of time to get used to it. The general consensus is that it rocks and the other two members of the entourage are quite content to travel in there for hours at a time. It was however a stroke of genius on the part of the builders to locate the main power cut-off for the back by the driver; for any hideous choice of music coming from the back can be wiped out by the flick of a switch!! This has already been put into practice. The only other indifference so far has been which colour to set the lights on.. ahh the choices you have to make! Ok, so enough about that, I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventually! Of course with all the excitement over the last six weeks, it feels like it has flown by. I think we were all ready to be out again after a little break and we’ve had some cracking gigs. The most notable for probably all three of us was the 100 Club in London…. there’s something about that place. A fantastic turnout and what a great audience it was. You see for us, this is where we really notice things. As performers (in the loosest sense of the word), we feed off what we get from the audience. You guys kinda give us the fuel / energy to put on a show. Of course the venue will always have its influence but it is ultimately you who determine what kind of gig you get. If you’re having a good time, so are we. So there you go! We did actually venture out to a couple of new places on this tour aswell. The Studio in Hartlepool is a cracking venue and with a full room, we had a lot of fun there. This was also the night when our very own ‘lady-bass’ was left slightly bemused by the following very unique compliment: “I’m a bass player and even though you’re female, I still thought you were really good” Uhhh???? I mean what are you supposed to say to that? We do meet the most interesting people… and it’s not only Jo! Now before I continue, if you are of a nervous disposition or easily offended, then don’t read any further… “Good night mate, enjoyed it. So what are you doing for a job then… do they give you time off to go on tour n all that? OR “Is this CD any good? Is it like what you did tonight? Well I’ll take your word for it. ..coz if I get it home and it aint I’ll come to another gig and break your bl****ng arms” OR “Sorry, bar’s closed. I know you’ve been on stage all night but you shoulda ordered before we closed” Well that’s why we love every minute of it…. And if we could would we change it? Not a chance! More ramblings coming very soon! In the meantime thanks to everyone who came out to support us on this last run of dates and for those unforgettable moments that keep us all firmly on the ground!! Aynsley 0

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