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A little update

Greetings! It doesn’t ‘alf feel good to be back out on the road again... and what a start too! We kicked off just over a week ago in Prestatyn with our new drummer Tim. From that first gig it sounded good but now after a week full of gigging, it’s like he’s been with us for ages. I’m sure anyone who has seen us in the last week will profess to how quickly he’s settled in. He’s not vegetarian, he’s not against the consumption of the odd alcoholic beverage, he lives in the same city as me, he rocks, he grooves, and even laughs at Dan’s jokes! What more could we ask for? Now, since ‘Tower Sessions’ was released back in June we’d been given a heads up that it was selling at a much faster rate than anticipated. As we’ve had most of the summer off we naturally assumed it was you lot who had already got it... but no! We shifted so much this week we’ve just had to re-order! Excellent. So right now I’m trying to decide which guitars I should use for the Shephards Bush gig this week. I mean it’s no joke for a guitarist, really! Haha, well after far too many dabblings in recent times trying out different Strats, Les Pauls and the like I think certainly for this gig anyway it’ll be my old favourites. Not that I was ever unhappy with any of them but it still didn’t stop me shopping for some more! Guitarists eh?!! TTFN Aynsley

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