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Blues Caravan Pilgrimage DVD

Released: / Ruf Records (RUF3014)

Recorded live at The Underground, Koln, Germany 7th December 2005. This is the show that was filmed for Rockpalast and features the live Blues Caravan Show – Aynsley Lister, Ian Parker and Erja Lyytinen. All three enter the stage together to open the show acoustically before each doing their own set – Aynsley’s set being the last. At the end, he invites Ian and Erja back on stage to play songs from the ‘Pilgrimage’ album. Extras include backstage film, interview and gallery.

Track Listing

  • 1. Mississippi Lawnmower Blues (Aynsley, Ian, Erja)
  • 2. Time Bares Witness (Aynsley, Ian, Erja)
  • 3. Dreamland Blues (Aynsley, Ian, Erja)
  • 4. She’s Alright (Ian)
  • 5. Heal Me Love (Ian)
  • 6. The Moral Men (Ian)
  • 7. By Your Side (Ian)
  • 8. In The Morning
  • 9. Nasty Weather (Erja )
  • 10. You Talk Dirty (Erja)
  • 11. I Think Of You (Erja)
  • 12. Rain In Your Life (Aynsley, Ian, Erja)
  • 13. Everything I Need (Aynsley)
  • 14. I Believe (Aynsley)
  • 15. Comin’ Home 2 U (Aynsley)
  • 16. Hush (Aynsley)
  • 17. 1010 Degrees (Aynsley, Ian, Erja)
  • 18. Too Much To Hide (Aynsley, Ian, Erja)
  • 19. Last Love Song (Aynsley, Ian, Erja)
  • 20. All The Time (Aynsley, Ian, Erja)
  • 21. Blues Caravan (Aynsley, Ian, Erja)

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