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The Tower sessions


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Welcome Raiderman,

Good to hear from “over there”, we’ve been missing that since our good friend Curby stopped posting regularly.

Nice Prince story.

Enjoy digging through Aynsley’s back catalogue – then there’ll be this year’s new release!


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HI Raiderman,

Belated welcome to the forum and thanks for a great post. Aynsley does some really awesome covers from time to time; half the trick is, he pulls something from out in left field and does something really special to it; as well as Purple Rain, check his take on Gnarles Barkley’s Crazy on the Equilibrium album.

That’s not to say that he’s just a “covers” artist; there’s a strong body of work to look back on as well as a new album brewing for release later in the year. Some of the newer songs Aynsley has been touring in the UK and Europe for the past few months, so hope you’re taking time to check the YouTube channel.

As Jimmyo has said, its great to get some input from the US; we miss another former contributer from Indianna (though he stills keeps in touch) and several of us are big fans of WT Feaster Band who hail from your parts. We hope you’ll take the time to have a good look round the forum here and that you find something interesting and that you’ll drop a post or several in the future - look forward to hearing about other bands from the US we may have missed and we’ll put you on to some from this side of the pond.




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Raiderman - 06 April 2012 12:03 AM

Hello all!  Coming at you from Indianapolis Indiana here.  Just saw this part of the site, and thought I would chime in on the Purple Rain stuff.  When I saw a youtube video of Aynsley doing it, I was pretty amazed.  I then went and bought the tower sessions after hearing the song here on the site.  My cousin works with Prince’s sister in MN.  Now Prince as you may or may not know, does not like people doing covers of music.  Not just his stuff, but covers in general.  He thinks people shouldn’t do it.  You can see him talk about it on “THE GEORGE LOPEZ SHOW” that was on TBS last year.  At any rate, I told my cousin to have him listen to it, with a open mind.  One night, the song was played for him, and he thought it was a very, very good rendition.  He was very happy to hear that cover of the song.  So I was more then happy to relay that message back to Aynsley.

I didn’t know anything about him until I heard a song on Sirius/XM (need you so bad) and was blown away by the song.  I would just sit and re-wind my plug and play over and over and over again.  Wow, that song is awesome.  I then checked into the artist and found my new fav blues guy.

I hope you all realize how great of a player this man is.  Not only player, but song writer, super talented man.  I can’t wait to see him live!

Hi Raiderman another belated welcome.

Let’s just keep Aynlsey our little secret!!!




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Hello all, and thanks for the warm welcome.

I understand that some may want to keep him as “our little secret” but this guy is such a major talent.  He needs to be shared with EVERBODY!!!  I was blown away by the first song that I heard of his, and then to look and see that this guy has so many other albums, I went out and got as many as I could find, and started sharing them with everybody that I know.

You guys are so lucky to be able to see him on a weekly basis.  He is played in my house once a day, and I love sharing the music with others.

I hope that he can come to the states for a tour, so we all can see him live.

KEEP ON ROCKING my brothers and sisters of the blues!

\m/ \m/