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bluesnight.org (85 Frenchgate; Richmond NYorks)


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Thing I love about old towns up here, like Alnwick, Morpeth, Barnard Castle, Richmond is that not only do they retain a largely McDonalds/Starbucks/Subway free beating heart, but that they have interesting little winding streets in which often, little gems of stores are scattered. That’s certainly the case of the venue in Richmond (the Yorkshire one) I was invited to on Sunday evening. Best summed up by their own publicity:-

BLUES NIGHT is a musicosocial project and a special beery shed. It’s a temple to the old-fashioned ideas that music brings people together, and that beer should be an inexpensive way of not drinking water.

We have thousands of vinyl albums and singles, shellac 78s (including blues, jazz, rock’n'roll, calypso, klezmer and international as well as vintage popular music), tapes, CDs, books and other music-related items.
Find us in a brilliant shed, on a lovely courtyard, off an elegant street, in a glorious town.

That’s the store part, which can be found about half way up the street (on the left), in a yard, behind some imposing looking gates. No wonder it’s probably one of the town’s best kept secrets, until now. From the looks,they also host three live, acoustic sessions each week in what has to be the most intimate setting I’ve yet experienced; almost like being in someone’s lounge. Hang on! It was actually the flat above the record store, so you can hardly get more intimate without going into the ***CENSORED***. Altogether, room for about 20-30 people, it has a very sociable “ambiance” (word of the evening - thanks George..) And with the sound in the very capable hands of John Stainthorp, for this evening, an all round quality experience.

Check the bluesnight.org webite for upcoming events; Fri 5-8; Sat 2-8 & Sun 5-8. Great way to start an evening out.



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