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Cheese It, Rudolph….


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Guess it’s about that time then.. All’s quiet on the board, everything’s just about up to date, if it ain’t got a battery by now, it ain’t gettin’ one.

Yep! Another year closes on the Forum, the helicopter is just about ready judging by the pilot’s hand-signals.. All that remains now is to pass on Christmas greetings to mein hosts Ainsley & Steph and to thank them for putting up with yet another year of my ever streaming consciousness, to thier families and nearest & dearest, to the guys in the band and their loved ones. To the last of the regulars, John T; John D and Raiderman (back after a while) to you and yours; and to the “irregulars” who stop by occassionally, Wooders, JimmyO… And to anyone else who stops by and looks in…

A Very Merry Christmas and a Safe, Happy & Rockin’ 2020.

And to play you out, from my new favourite Christmas album from a guy who looks like he shares John T’s tailor…
Hamilton Loomis - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWkX_ZrYU1c



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