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UK Blues Awards 2019


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Or not; so it seems.

News from the UK Blues Federation is that the 2019 awards will not be going ahead this year. The reasons are two old, the first being lack of venue. A contract and insurance with Preston Guild Hall could not be finalised and an alternate couldn’t be found by the scheduled date - April 27th.

Secondly, a low return of nominations (13%) from the invited panel of 750 or so over the Christmas period has meant a lack of credibility in prospective finalists. Reading further in their statement, while nominations for venues did seem vigorous, the clumbersome regional categories weren’t as well supported, neither were the Lifetime, and Innovation awards. Shame about the Under the Radar one though….

Biggest significant blow though will be the loss of sponsorship monies, around £16,000.

UKBF hope to be back with something in 2020 but are currently licking their wounds, revising their nomination process - hopefully timing it better, as well as reviewing and overhauling their categories.



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