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New Crawdaddy Blues Club, 20 July 2018


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I may not have been around here lately but I have been out to the occasional gig, one of which was, I think, the first night of Aynsley’s current UK and European tour at the New Crawdaddy Blues Club, Basildon on 20th July, 2018.

This was Aynsley’s sixth visit to the New Crawdaddy, but the fourth venue used by the club. One of the organisers joked that they keep moving but Aynsley manages to find them each time. Many of the audience of around 160 that turned out on this sultry evening had been at one or more of the previous shows and there was a definite air of expectation as they looked forward to some blues rock par excellence from Mr Lister.

As Andy Price had a prior engagement that evening, Aynsley decided to go ahead as a trio. I won’t say that Andy’s absence wasn’t noticed, but it certainly had a positive effect in that we heard more of Mr Lister’s searing guitar work. Speaking to both Aynsley and Steve after the gig, they both felt that there was more room in each song [for them to be creative]. I would definitely agree as it was clear that Aynsley was able to fill the usual keys parts with some superbly creative guitar playing. I said that I felt that there was a looseness about the whole show. That was meant as a positive and to borrow a description from a well known band, Tight But Loose is the best description of the gig.

Aynsley told me that as they hadn’t played together for a while, this was all done from memory. Pretty impressive, although it did show a little at the beginning of the first encore, Everything I Have to Give, as you’ll hear from the laughter. Needless to say, it all came back pretty quickly and the playing was pretty much flawless throughout.

Make sure you catch Aynsley and the guys on at least one of the upcoming tour dates. With the strength of the songs on Eyes Wide Open and Aynsley’s back catalogue, you won’t be disappointed.

The set list was as follows. I’ve added links to the video I took.

All of Your Love

Il Grande Mafioso

Hyde 2612

Other Part of Me



Running Out On Me



I’m Tore Down

Purple Rain


Everything I Have to Give

Handful of Doubt



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Hey Phil;

First off, welcome back! Nice to see you haven’t disappeared altogether, though I know you look in now and again.

Secondly - very nice descriptive piece of Aynsley at the New Crawdaddy - are you after my job or somfink? Just because I’m propping up the London Gig Guide….. No, I am curious about the show sans keyboards as I’ve never actually seen Aynsley as a three-piece, I came onboard about the same time as Dan was draughted in and while there have been a few long and short term changes on the stool, never a show without. Still, good to read that there’s fire in the ol’ fingertips yet. I will get round to watching the clips you’ve kindly provided as it’ll heighten the anticipation for the near-traditional Newcastle December show…...




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