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The Musician, Leicester - 6th June 2018


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Saw this great review of Aynsley’s recent solo show at Leicester’s The Musician, from a long-time contributor to Joe Bonamassa’s Forum. Obviously, it’s full of high praise for Aynsley as well as probably the most comprehensive video record of such a show; however, the fact that nmagcorn had come over from the US, initially to catch a special Bonamassa show, but worked their itinerary to take in Aynsley’s gig speaks volumes.
By kind permission; enjoy:-

I have been wanting to see Aynsley for a few years now and finally got the chance 2 weeks ago when we were in the UK. We had planned our trip around Joe’s Hampton Court show and kept holding off on buying airline tickets until we saw the tour schedules for some artists we really wanted to see. Aynsley’s tour was finally announced for that month and thankfully he was doing a show somewhat close to the time of Joe’s. We flew in on the 6th in the morning and after dropping our suitcases off at our friends house, we jumped on a train to Leicester. Aynsley was doing one of his solo shows there and it truly was one of the best shows I’ve been to in a while. It was just one beautiful song after another. I could have sat there and listened for hours. I love his voice and his guitar playing is phenomenal as well. It was such a treat to be there and the venue had beautiful lighting plus great sound. So truly all the planets had aligned for this one. He is a really nice guy and we ended up talking with him for nearly 45 minutes after his show. He was telling us he collects amps and has quite an extensive collection. He’d love to talk with Joe about gear since they both are collectors. Hope he gets the chance to at some point. After I told him where we were from and about my large youtube channel he was excited to hear I was filming the show for the Americans. If the videos help spread the word about him here in the States then that would be a wonderful thing. I sure would love for him to come here and do a tour.  Here are the songs he played. Would love to see him again and with his band as well.

Stop Breaking Down https://youtu.be/yE3VpzhvxqE

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room https://youtu.be/5NMw0y2U2JU

Strong Enough https://youtu.be/wwxDz-zRNAk

Mississippi Lawnmower Blues https://youtu.be/MqYsvL85Zx0

Inside Out https://youtu.be/dLPI6FoZFGE

Empire State Express https://youtu.be/8jqJON-aNa4

Tush https://youtu.be/sWhBKR9brGQ

Fields of Gold https://youtu.be/Lrsg6QjA7XE

One Last Time https://youtu.be/u_ObTW5KFxo

Rain https://youtu.be/WcvNP-naIUE

Ain’t No Sunshine https://youtu.be/G4zUn8k004o

Fly Me To The Moon https://youtu.be/4Wns0y1fi98

Crazy https://youtu.be/iSFBBAaoMbI

As The Crow Flies https://youtu.be/Ph1qwlxDrBc

All Of Your Love https://youtu.be/QjZYcS55vPA

How Sweet It Is https://youtu.be/XkuVj2vXVls

Little Wing https://youtu.be/br7EOIDl1zU



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