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Sedgefield Manor House


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For only the 2nd time in my life, I spent a few hours on Saturday evening in a court room. No, I hadn’t been arrested for wielding a lethal aphorism, but rather paying my first visit to Sedgefield’s other venue, The Manor House which this evening was playing host to Lindisfarne’s Rod Clements & Ian Thompson.

Overall impression, a very cosy & convivial venue; a friendly greeting as you enter, and then the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and a compact but comprehensive bar welcomes you. The performance room was formerly Sedgefield’s Magistrates Court, not huge, granted, but an adequate stage for an acoustic performance and a capacity of around 75 cosily seated. A light show isn’t to be expected, unless you count the glow of cell-phones recording, something which the venue actively encourages by-the-way, so long as you share… Visibility is good and the sound is excellent for a small space. I’m not certain if it is a venue speciality but one touch I thought was over-and-above was that each ticket buyer got a card signed by the evening’s performers.

Their roster does seem to lean toward the more Folk and Arts, but don’t be a snob about it; this is a very pleasant little venue gaining kudos and a nice place to be on an wintery Saturday evening.

Upcoming shows for the Spring 2018 season:-
Mar 2nd - Miranda Sykes
Mar 31st - Robert Lane
Apr 14th - Craig & Willoughby
May 26th - Keith James (Songs of Nick Drake)




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Better late than never, I attended the Miranda Sykes gig, I forget the date but put back from March due to snow . She played with no amps of anykind. Worked rather well in that size room (I was taking notes for future ref!) I also got a tour of the cells which hopefully will become a club/ music venue itself