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UK Blues Awards 2018


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After a years lay off to get voting method sorted, THEY’RE BACK!!!! Re-jigged and new categories and looks like they’re changing the Hall of Fame eligibility to 5 wins in a category.

Male Blues Vocalist of the Year – sponsored by Blues in the South
Alan Nimmo
Marcus Bonfanti  
Marcus Malone
Ian Siegal  
Stevie Nimmo    

Female Blues Vocalist of the Year – sponsored by Colne Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival
Elles Bailey
Kaz Hawkins
Kyla Brox
Rebecca Downes
Zoe Schwarz

Blues Band of the Year – sponsored by Saltburn Blues Club
Gerry Jablonski & The Electric Band
King King
LaVendore Rogue
Red Butler

Acoustic Blues Act of the Year – sponsored by John Cee Stannard
Benjamin Bassford
Dave Arcari
David Ferra
Half Deaf Clatch
Ian Siegal  

Young Blues Artist of the Year – sponsored by Jessica Foxley Music Projects
Benjamin Bassford
Marcus Praestgaard-Stevens
Matthew Long
Toby Lee
Tom C Walker

Blues Based Festival of the Year – sponsored by Blues & Roots PR
Carlisle Blues Rock Festival
Colne Great British R & B Festival
Ealing Blues Festival  
Maryport Blues Festival
Upton Blues Festival

UK Blues Based Broadcaster of the Year – sponsored by New Crawdaddy Blues Club
Ashwyn Smyth       Website:    http://www.digitalblues.co.uk
Dave Raven       Website:  http://www.ravenblues.co.uk/
Gary Grainger       Website:  http://www.bishopfm.com/programmes/blues-show/
Paul Jones       Website:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006wrpd
Paul Long       Website:  http://www.bluesandrootsradio.com/blues–roots-news-uk/blues-and-roots-connections-paul-long

Blues Album of the Year – sponsored by The Colourblind Blues Show
Broken Man – Catfish  
Exile & Grace – King King
God Bless America – The Mighty Bosscats
This Is The Life I Choose – Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
Wildfire – Elles Bailey

Blues Songwriter of the Year – sponsored by RESERVED
Alan Nimmo (King King) 
Elles Bailey
Half Deaf Clatch
Kaz Hawkins
Richard Townend  

Blues Club/Venue of the Year – sponsored by AVAILABLE
Blue Funk at Poynton British Legion
Edinburgh Blues Club
St Harmonica’s Blues Club, London  
Tuesday Night Music Club, London
Worthing Pier’s Southern Pavilion

Blues Personality of the Year – sponsored by RESERVED
John Wilson
Kaz Hawkins
Pete Feenstra
Peter Green
Zoot Money

Lifetime Contribution to the Blues in the UK – sponsored by Raven & Blues
Chris Barber
Eric Clapton
John McCoy
Monica Madgwick
Pete Feenstra

Innovation in the Blues in the UK – sponsored by Jason Elliott and Paddy Maguire
Ealing Club Special Interests Community
Half Deaf Clatch
LaVendore Rogue
Rag’n’Bone Man
Wille & The Bandits

Regional: Blues Act of the Year – England – sponsored by RESERVED
Dave Kelly & Paul Jones
Elles Bailey
Kyla Brox
Wille & The Bandits

Regional: Blues Act of the Year – Northern Ireland – sponsored by Red Pepper Promotions
John Wilson
Kaz Hawkins
Ronnie Greer
The Bonnevilles
The Hardchargers

Regional: Blues Act of the Year – Scotland – sponsored by Edinburgh Blues Club
Black Cat Bone
Charlotte Marshall
Dave Arcari
Gerry Jablonski
Stevie Nimmo

Regional: Blues Act of the Year – Wales – sponsored by Mid-Wales R&B Club
Bella Collins
Big Joe Bone
Luke Doherty
Toriah Fontaine

Well, I don’t know what they’ve done with the categories; Blues Personality; WTF? And where are the individual instruments categories; to follow?  No Overseas artist? I still say there should be an award to acknowledge the young drummers, bassists, keyboard and harp players. By contrast, I’ve also thought of a new award category; with the number of bands having just or just about to celebrate 50 years, how about the ” Blimey! I Thought They’d Died Years Ago” award?

Anyway, if you’re motivated, pay attention to the voting rules to make yours count.

Check http://www.UKBluesAwards.com for more detail.



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