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This time, it’s Seasonal…...


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Alrighty then. Time once again for my last post of the year. This time I thought I’ll go and spend Christmas somewhere around 1973. Just need to blow some dust of the dimensional stabilizer, not forgetting to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow…..

So as ever, a very cool Yule to all those who drop by the forum and to those regular users, Tilerman & JDog and their respective families and to friends old & new. To all the bands who get out there and keep us rocking and to the promoters and managers who lay on the venues. And of course, to our own band, Boneto & family, Steve & his family and last but not least, Aynsley & Steph and their soon to be increased family; thanks for another year of hot, rockin’ Blues and may 2018 be joyous, eventful and successful.

Peace out…..



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