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Saltburn Howzat Festival


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Excuse the Howzat pun, it was held at Saltburn Cricket Club! Host and compare Harry Simpson (Saltburn Blues Club promoter) never missed the chance to shout Howzat at the end of every performance. If this had a down side, it was held on a Sunday and by the last act people were making their way home ready for first day back at school and or work. But, despite that it was a great day 7 acts mainly from the North East proved that you can have a day of music, reasonably priced, at a great venue, with very cheap catering and still raise £3000 for the great North Air Ambulance .
Reece Hillis started the day off, followed by John P Taylor Band, Emma Wilson Band Groove Train Big Red and the Grinners, Kaz Hawkins and finished off by the Jar Family.
This will be back next year and looking forward to it.


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Sounds like a success; great to hear.  I’d have been but most of that week-end I was north of the Tyne; hopefully next year.
It would be an inexcusable pun to ask if many maidens were bowled over…... so I won’t. People might be stumped by that one…..



Of course; I could be lying….