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Has Jimi Fallen Out of Favour?


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So, there I was on Friday night, really enjoying Red Butler’s blazin’ encore to what had been a blistering night of rockin’ blues, when they segued into Purple Haze and that got me thinking that I hadn’t heard anyone playing Jimi for what seems to be ages. Actually, my first thought was that being a southpaw, why wasn’t Dan playing lead - or would that have been corny…

Anyway, I’ve been sat over the week-end trying to think who was the last band I’ve seen covering JImi - probably The Mentulls with their take on Red House. Now here’s the rub; I’m not by any stretch of the imagination a Jimi Hendrix fan (ooh! controversy…) but either I’m not seeing the right bands and I’ll admit my gig attendance has dropped off a bit, or else his musical influence seemsto have dried up.

The Mentulls will tell you, I have a running joke with them - if I turned promoter, I’d deduct bands £25 from their fee if they played any of the big 3 in their set - Red House, Little Wing, & Voodoo Chile, or £100 for the 3. But in this “drought”, you do kind of miss great takes, like Virgil’s Are You Experienced; Mitch Laddie’s Foxy Lady; Laurence Jones’ All Along The Watchtower (strictly a Dylan cover); Ben Poole’s Hey Joe (Billy Roberts song 1st done by The Leaves); Ian Parker’s Little Wing; Joanne Shaw Taylor - Manic Depression and so on.

So; any thoughts out there….. I know several venues are looking to celebrate 50 years since Jimi first played, so seems timely.  Come on, lets have a good discussion before we close down…..



Of course; I could be lying….