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Hi all,

Here’s an early heads up to let you all know we’re having a new website built! You’ll probably wonder why, since this website is still as awesome as the day we launched it, so in short.. The decision was made because the costs to do essential updates behind the scenes are as high as a complete re-vamp.. So we’ve decided to put the money to good use and have a whole, new, updated feel. The new site will also be mobile friendly (which this one currently isn’t), a huge improvement given that so many more people now access the site via mobile than ever before.

Another massive part of the website we looked at was the forum. Although it was massively popular in the early days, since Facebook has integrated more and more into people’s lives, we’ve found that people use it less and less. So, after watching the posts for several months, we’ve finally decided to axe the forum (sorry!).

BUT! The silver lining…

We are NOT losing our Mike! (mcraggs27)

Mike has single handedly kept this forum going in the last few years and I know I speak for many when I say we love his contributions. With that in mind, we’re building him his own column into the new website! To add to that, we’re also going to enable comments via Facebook, so you can still join in the conversation as and when you feel like it. This will also be good for sharing with the blues magazines who we know will be interested in some of the posts Mike often shares with us.. And you never know, they might well print some of them! Mike will also have his own aynsleylister.co.uk email address, so if there are any threads/reviews or news items you want to share, you can contact him and he’ll post them for you.

All very exciting and we hope you’ll think so too!

The new website should be coming some time in early January all being well. You’re more than welcome to share suggestions on things you’d like to see in the new design and I hope you’ll give Mike a huge (virtual) round of applause! Thanks Mike!

Thanks as well to all of you who have posted in this forum and have supported Aynsley right from the beginning. We hope you carry on joining us along the journey, however technology continues to evolve…

Cheers all!


P.S. Anyone who still loves forums should head on over to Joe Bonamassa’s website.. His forum is still busy and also has an Aynsley thread for anyone wanting to carry on the conversation smile


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Can’t say this is a complete surprise; Steph appraised me of this a couple of months back and we’ve swapped a few ideas back and forth. Just a little embarrassed by the glowing praise for my for my ramblings, the live reviews especially, often written while still on the post-gig buzz. So thanks to Steph & Aynsley for allowing me the opportunity to continue; I’ll try to keep things worthy of representing Team Lister, and not get too controversial ala Jeremy Clarkson.

I do know from meetings at gigs that the Gig guides are popular; credit to Wooders for starting the London one and giving me the idea to show that we ROCK up North. I’ll try to keep them going as best I can; as Steph has already mentioned, there is some crossover with the forum on Joe Bonamassa’ site. Once up and running though, I would like to hear from Blues Clubs and promoters; lets face it, if you don’t shout, often people won’t know what you’re doing, that includes you JimmyO & Greenose. And I also appreciate the likes of Jdog & Curby for putting me on to what’s new in the US, and embarrassingly often what’s happening here though the domestic scene is well handled by Tilerman, the visible “shirt” of Sedgefield R’n'B Club and to Ligho who’s ear covers the rest of Europe - can’t say my wallet has been as happy as my ears.

Over the last 6+ years that I’ve been on this forum, I’ve learned a lot about the Blues genre and exciting new music, seen loads of new bands and had the pleasure of watching them grow and maybe had a small hand in that. More importantly I have made many good friends on and off the stage, so THANK YOU all at Team Lister for that.

Finally though, my biggest challenge - will I make 3,000 posts before they pull the plug?



Of course; I could be lying….


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Not really a surprise. Seems that I’ve made this rare visit just at the right time.

Facebook obviously has a lot to answer for! This Forum has been great in so many ways and I’m sure Mike will make his 3000.

Onwards & upwards Steph & Mike!