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North Wales Soul and Blues Festival


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This is a fairly new fest but it’s going to be a grower. Only had the chance of a Saturday visit (so missed the gaffer on Sunday) but was treated to my favourite, Rebecca Downes (straight after slaying them at the Cambridge rock fest the day before) Been saying for a while now but this girls going places.
Tom Attahs Bad Man Clan were on form too as were Connie Lush and Laurence Jones and Rodger Innis were a fantastic finale to a fantastic day. Sun always helps of course, but so did the lay out of the site, right on the edge of the town centre too, friendly and helpful staff. Lots of videos on fb of people just basically enjoying themselves, how it shouldbe


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That’s a lot of miles covers over the past couple of week-ends….. What you might call, a “Blues Traveller”...



If you believe in phrenology; you need your head examining…...