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Scarborough Blues fest 2016


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Not only is the gaffer playing but is ‘Artist in Residence’. Which i believe means drinking beer in between guesting with other artists as well as his ‘proper sets! Hopefully band and solo?

Ticket details coming soon.


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Don’t tell anyone, ‘cos its a secret; but the line up so far includes:-

Marcus Malone; Connie Lush; Grainne Duffy; Willie & the Bandits; 24 Pesos; Matt Woosey; Tom Attah;
Guy Tortora & Ben Tyzack; The Revolutionaires Big Band; Sam Kelly’s Station House; Joel Fisk & Jon Amor; Red Butler; Adams & Greaves; Till bennewitz; Karl Moon & Jen Low; Marcus Bonfanti; Tim Aves & Wolfpack; Benjamin Bassford; Chris Jame & Martin Fletcher.

As well as “ring master” Aynsley Lister….

What I can’t tell you is that its all at the Spa Ocean Room, between the 11th & 13th March 2016.



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