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Nursery Inn, Hartlepool


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Visited this little corner of deepest Hartlepool for a gem of an acoustic gig by the “less noisy” Nimmo, Stevie; aided and abetted by Andrew Pipe on his solo debut. Not the biggest venue on Tommy’s rosta, but really rose to the occasion.

At first look on Google,it stands on the corner of Hopps St, and its a bit off-putting that every house in the street is boarded up, but the Hart St is a main thoroughfare and the whole area is clean and quiet. There’s a small car park to the front of the pub, but on-street parking doesn’t seem to be an issue. Similarly, the pub is welcoming, clean and well stocked and split into main bar, lounge and what was the performance room.  This room comfortably sat around 50, with a dozen or so standing, that would put it slightly larger than Stockton’s Cleveland Bay and maybe even Gateshead’s Three Tunns. Though there’s a small corner bar, it’s not used during performances, though its only round the corner to the Lounge Bar. There is a definite stage area that would handle a 3 or even 4 piece band, though this night it only had to cope with a chair, 2 acoustic guitars and a Christmas tree. Lighting is more than up to the job, and the sound is really very, very good; I understand the Nursery usually puts on acoustic and folk nights, so the guys know what they’re doing.

In short, worth a visit, whether as punter or player.



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although its a few years since I’ve been there I always found The Nursery to be a very good listening audience