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Aynsley Lister Live


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I have just played your DVD from 2004 for Rockpalast.
What an amazing set you played, i know the other members have left
and the band has moved on, but all the same, quite amazing.

I first heard you on a free CD with the Classic Rock magazine,
and i was totally hooked.

So roll on February the 12th @ the Ferry in Glasgow.
Its been a long time since i have looked so forward to a gig.
It takes a special artist to lure me down from Inverness,
and you fall into that category big time.

Have a great Festive Season & all the best for 2009

Kind Regards



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Nice first post James. I’ll also be at the Ferry on 12th Feb. Might see you there smile

PS, hope you’re not having to drive back up that night!


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Been having a good rummage round here again, and on eBay. Might surprise a few folks, but Aynsley Lister Live, while no longer (currently) available is fetching between £40 & £50 (unsigned). And that’s the CD, not the DVD.

I knew this guy was a good investment.



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