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Upside Down


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Well, if you are somewhat new to Mr. Lister’s music like I am and you need something musical to get you through the next several days until his new album Home has its general release, then I strongly encourage you to look into his album Upside Down (if you haven’t already).  In my opinion, this album is very under-rated.  When I first found Mr. Lister’s music, I encountered alot of reviews on Equilibrium and The Tower Sessions (both excellent albums), but very little about Upside Down.  Take it from me, Upside Down is a fantastic album and if you haven’t heard it then you need to look into it…  If you have heard it, then play it again…


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Have to admit; it was the first Aynsley album I got hold of, so as my introduction to the man and his music, will always be up there.

There is a thread for best track, but as ever, where do you begin? With Me Tonight or In The Morning? Ice I’m Upon is one of those tracks that grows and Rain is an absolute gem in Aynsley’s solo/acoustic set.



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